Explains the most important things to keep in mind for National Back to School Month, and why donating to and fundraising for schools, students, nonprofits, teachers, coaches, PTAs and sports boosters is very important this month.

Support National Back to School Month: Donating and Fundraising is Crucial to Students This Month

National Back to School Month

August is National Back to School Month, and that means it's time for parents, students, teachers and coaches to get ready for the new school year! It's also a time when nonprofit organizations do a lot of fundraising. This is because schools and teachers rely heavily on donations and fundraising to provide the best possible education, resources, environment and activities for student learning and growth. Here are some important things to keep in mind during National Back to School Month:

-  Nonprofit organizations such as PTAs and sports boosters play a vital role in schools being able to provide the best possible experience for students;

- Fundraising is essential for sports teams, school clubs, and teachers in order to get the necessary supplies and equipment to maximize the student experience;

- Donations from individuals, businesses and foundations are key to nonprofit organizations being able to sustain their work;

- Volunteering is a great way to support nonprofit organizations and schools;

- Many great teachers pay for supplies and materials out of their own pockets, but well-funded PTAs can help. Classroom necessities such as paper, pencils and crayons are expensive and quickly used up. If your child's school has a PTA or other nonprofit organization, get involved and help them with their fundraising efforts;

- Uniforms and sports equipment can be expensive. Nonprofit organizations can offer financial assistance to families in need to ensure no child is left out or misses an opportunity;

- Field trips and extracurricular activities can enhance the educational experience for students. Nonprofit organizations can help make these possible; and Schools are central to our communities and to building future generations. As a community effort, everyone has a role to play in ensuring students have a great year!

 So this National Back to School Month, remember to support your local schools and nonprofit organizations that make a difference in the lives of students! One of the best and easiest ways to do that is through purchasing The Great Coffee Project coffee (15% of each sale goes to the nonprofit of your choice <<TGCP shop>>), and/or organizing a fundraising effort through TGCP online coffee sales TGCP fundraising page. Click the link to learn more!

 And if you're a teacher, coach or school administrator, thank you for all that you do to help our kids succeed!  

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