Describes the various arguments for what the perfect serving temperature of coffee is.

The Great Coffee Temperature Debate: Which Side Are You On?

There are coffee fanatics on both sides of the coffee temperature debate. Some people swear that coffee should be served as hot as possible, while others say that it should be served at a cooler temperature in order to bring out the flavor profile of the beans. So, which side are you on? In this blog post, we will explore the arguments for both sides and let you decide for yourself!

 Arguments for serving coffee steaming hot:

 -Coffee is meant to be enjoyed hot and serving it at a lower temperature takes away from the experience. Some say the best coffee espresso can only be enjoyed this way.

-Hot coffee will wake you up and help you start your day. -Serving coffee hot keeps the flavor profile of the beans intact. Arguments for serving coffee lukewarm:

 -Cooler coffee is easier on the stomach. -You can taste more complex flavors when coffee is served at a cooler temperature. -Cooling coffee down prevents it from becoming bitter.

-Cooler coffee won't dehydrate you as much as hot coffee. Arguments for serving coffee ice cold:

-Ice cold coffee is refreshing and perfect for summer days.

-Coffee served over ice has a smoother flavor.

 So, which side are you on? Test it out for yourself. Try a coffee Keurig for a steamy hot cup, and then check out our blog post on how to brew the perfect iced coffee for comparison. You decide.

We bet you'll love some Great Coffee Project coffee, no matter what the temperature!

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Peru Single Origin
Peru Single Origin
Peru Single Origin

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