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Identifying Your Organization

The Great Coffee Project is structured to work with registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.  Public schools are non-profit, governmental organizations but unless they are registered with the IRS as a non-profit, there is no method for us to legally transfer funds. 

The good news is that most parent teacher organizations (PTAs, PTOs, PTSAs...), Athletic Boosters, Band boosters, and other school-attached fundraising organizations are registered as non-profits with the IRS. 

You can validate that your school is registered by clicking the following link: IRS Search.  All you need is the name of the school and your town and state! If you have, or can get, the EIN (tax ID) of the  organization, it's even easier to find.

If you can't find your school or organization listed, don't worry we can help! Use the contact form below to get started and we'll help you search for your school. If we still can't identify it, we'll help you with the process to get registered with the IRS or show you other options to use our platform to raise money for organizations that do not qualify as non-profits.  We want this to work for you! 

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