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As parents we were tired of the constant fundraising efforts required to support our kids' activities. While they were taken on with great intentions, many of them didn't make sense or fit our lifestyle.

Over the last 25 years we've seen them all: products we didn't want to buy or use, restaurant nights that didn't fit our busy schedules, craft/bake sales that felt like we were just exchanging money between each other, and all-day/weekend events that took a village to pull off and cost almost as much as they raised.

We knew there had to be a better way so we launched the ability to raise funds with The Great Coffee Project.



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Share The Link With Your Community via email, newsletters, flyers, and social media

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Earn 20% Of Every Sale Made Through Your Link.

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We've partnered with Conscious Cart and MakeMyDonation.org to ensure that 100% of the funds you raise are delivered to you monthly. You can track your fundraising at makemydonation.org


Use our calculator to see how much your organization can raise with our online coffee subscription delivered directly to their door!

This calculator defines each subscription as two, 12oz bags of specialty coffee per month, which is typically enough for a household with two coffee drinkers. Customers can adjust their subscription to receive more or less coffee each month and can cancel at any time. For more details about subscriptions, please refer to our FAQ.

Subscribers receive a 15% discount on their monthly orders. Additionally, for each bag ordered, we plant a tree in a previously deforested area.

Support & Save: Enjoy top-quality coffee at a discounted rate while supporting our organization.

Monthly Benefits: Freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door every month.

Impactful Fundraising: Every subscription helps us get closer to your fundraising goals, making a significant impact with minimal effort.

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Fundraising Calculator

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Fundraising FAQ

Fundraising FAQ

What are the fundraising options available?

We offer two fundraising options: online fundraising and brochure fundraising. With online fundraising, supporters can purchase coffee directly through a custom link. In brochure fundraising, you distribute brochures, collect orders and payments, and earn a percentage of the sales. Supporters can also select their favorite nonprofit from the donation box on the product page and again at checkout if they don't have the link.

Who can use the Great Coffee Project to raise money?

Schools, churches, nonprofits, and other community organizations can use the Great Coffee Project to raise money through our fundraising programs. Only nonprofits as defined by the IRS are eligible for online fundraising. This includes all registered US nonprofits, public schools, and qualified churches. Our database currently includes all IRS-registered 501(c)(3) organizations, many schools, and churches. If you don't see yours on the donate page, just fill out the form above, and we'll verify and add it in as little as 2-3 days.

How much can we raise?

The amount you can raise depends on the number of supporters and the type of fundraiser you choose. Use our fundraising calculator to estimate your potential earnings.

How is money distributed?

Funds raised are distributed to your organization based on the sales made through your custom link or brochure orders. For online fundraisers, your organization earns 20% of each sale. The money is delivered at the end of the month, either electronically through PayPal Giving Fund or via check. There are never any fees for the transfer of funds. For brochure fundraisers, the organization collects all of the money and keeps the portion that is above the wholesale price of our coffee. We recommend that to be 50% to be in line with our retail price.

Can only nonprofits use the Great Coffee Project to raise money?

You must be a verified nonprofit (including schools and churches) to raise money with our online platform. Any individual or group can use our brochure fundraising program to raise funds.

How does the online fundraising option work?

Sign up to receive your custom fundraising link. Share the link with your community via email, social media, or flyers. Supporters purchase coffee through the link, and your organization earns 20% of every sale.

How does the brochure fundraising option work?

Request our brochure fundraising kit, distribute brochures to your community, collect orders and payments, and keep 50% of the proceeds from each sale. We roast and ship the coffee within 10 days of receiving your order.

What is a nonprofit organization?

According to the IRS, a nonprofit organization is one that is "organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, educational, or other specified purposes. It qualifies for tax-exempt status because its earnings do not benefit private shareholders or individuals."

What does a coffee subscription include?

With our coffee subscriptions, you are in control. Customize your delivery timeframe, the variety, the roast, and the grind to suit your preferences. Subscriptions can be set to deliver any number of bags every 7, 14, or 30 days. We recommend a typical household with two coffee drinkers plan on the every 14-day subscription so you never run out. Subscriptions can be modified, paused, or canceled at any time. Subscribers receive a 15% discount on their monthly orders. Every bag delivered with the subscription donates 20% of the purchase price to the designated organization. Additionally, we plant a tree in a previously deforested area with each delivery.

Can customers adjust their subscription?

Absolutely! Our subscriptions are designed to give you full control over your coffee experience. You can adjust the delivery timeframe, variety, roast, and grind at any time to suit your preferences. Additionally, you can modify the quantity or cancel the subscription whenever you need.

How does the subscription help fundraising?

Our subscription program makes fundraising effortless and highly effective. For every subscription, your organization receives a generous 20% donation from each bag sold, with no extra work required on your part. Simply sign up, share your custom link, and watch the funds grow. The more subscribers you have, the more funds you raise, all while providing your supporters with delicious, freshly roasted coffee delivered straight to their door.

What are the benefits for subscribers?

Subscribers enjoy several benefits, including a 15% discount on their monthly orders and freshly roasted coffee delivered to their door each month. They also have the flexibility to customize their subscription to suit their preferences, adjusting the delivery timeframe, variety, roast, and grind at any time. Additionally, every subscription helps support a nonprofit organization with a 20% donation from each bag sold, making it a simple and impactful way to give back. Plus, we plant a tree in a previously deforested area with each delivery, contributing to environmental sustainability. Subscribers can enjoy premium coffee while knowing they are making a positive difference in their community and the planet.

How can supporters sign up for a subscription?

Supporters can sign up for a subscription by visiting our site through your custom fundraising link. They can then select any product, navigate to its product page, and customize their subscription by choosing the size, grind, and delivery frequency to suit their preferences. The subscription is finalized through the regular checkout process.

How is the coffee delivered?

For online orders, the coffee is freshly roasted and shipped within 3-4 business days directly to the customer's door, ensuring the best taste and quality. For brochure sales, once we receive the entire order, we roast and ship the entire order to the organization's representative for further distribution. This is typically received about 10 days from the time of order.