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Why Our Coffee?

Do you love great coffee? Do you love doing good in the world? Then you'll love us! We start with the world's finest, specialty coffees and roast them to order. That means your coffee is always fresh - and we donate 15% of every sale to help others. So drink up and feel good about doing Great!

Specialty-Grade Coffee

Starting with only the finest coffee beans, we roast them in small batches to preserve their flavor profile and freshness. Our coffee is roasted to order, ensuring that you always enjoy the freshest cup possible.

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What is the Great Coffee Project?

We love coffee. We also love doing good things. So we decided to put our two passions together and create The Great Coffee Project. We're a socially-driven company on a mission to deliver the world's best coffee to your door while doing some great things along the way. Our focus is on giving back in as many ways as we can, by keeping our costs low, quality high, and making business decisions that benefit others as much or more than they benefit us. Whether you're a coffee lover or just looking for an easy, convenient way to do some good in the world, The Great Coffee Project is for you!

Real change can start with a great cup of coffee so we built this platform to enable you to create positive change with us.

Let us show you how:

1. Choose Your Coffee

We only roast the finest specialty coffees from around the world. Each coffee is sustainably grown and ethically sourced. Click HERE to learn more.

2. Identify Your Nonprofit or School

We donate 15% of every sale directly to the registered nonprofit of your choice. You can select any IRS registered nonprofit in the US.

(If you can't find your organization in our database, we can help you find it, and in some cases, help you get it registered!) Click HERE to learn more.

3. We Roast, Ship, and Deliver

We roast the specialty grade coffee and ship it within 3-5 business days and deliver it directly to your home! The beans are never roasted before you order them.

As your coffee leaves the roasting plant, we'll plant a tree, for you, in a previously deforested area!

4. Help Your Cause Raise More Funds

We are looking for passionate, dedicated people who want to conduct fundraising on a larger scale that’s simple to implement. If you register as a Great Coffee Project Coordinator we will provide you marketing materials, coffee samples, and access to our private community, where fellow fundraisers help each other’s causes succeed! Click the logo directly above to get started!

Our Coffees

Organic Coffee

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Single Origin

Flavored Coffee


What does "Sustainably Grown" mean?

The simplest definition is that it's coffee that's grown using methods of farming that are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Environmental sustainability means practices that regenerate soil and biodiversity, conserve water, and manage waste. Financial viability for the farmers means they have fair prices to invest in their farms & families. Social sustainability ensures everyone involved is being compensated fairly and treated with respect.

For the Great Coffee Project, sustainable coffee means the elimination of all chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. We believe that makes the coffee better for the planet and for you!

What is "Ethical Sourcing?"

Ethical sourcing means that we purchase the coffee as close to the source as possible so that we know that the prices paid to farmers and their employees are fair, working conditions are safe, and the environment is protected.

Sourcing coffee ethically also means that we work with importers, roasters, and retailers who share our commitment
to ethical sourcing. When possible (COVID has made this tough), we, or our roaster, visit the farms and cooperatives where our coffee is grown to see the growing and processing practices firsthand, so that we can be certain that they meet our high standards.

In every case possible we participate in Direct Trade and rely on Fair Trade certifications when we can't.

How many cups of coffee can I get from a bag of coffee?

How is this different than what I get at the grocery store?

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. With The Great Coffee Project coffee, that means you're getting a high-quality, specialty-grade product that's been roasted specifically for you.

It may seem like it is "expensive" if you compare it to supermarket brands but this is a different product. We take the world's finest coffee beans and roast them when you order them, so the coffee is as fresh as you can find. When we flavor it, there is never any added sugar and the ingredients are all natural.

Cheaper coffee typically comes from roasting lower quality beans in huge vats, at super high temperatures, and covering them with artificial flavorings and sugar.  Further, it sadly sometimes means that coffee has come from questionable sources.

Which would you rather put in your body and serve to the ones you love most?

Is your coffee organic?

All of our single origin coffees are organic. Our blends and flavored coffees often contain some or all organic ingredients, but as they are blended to achieve a specific flavor, we sometimes add other, high-quality beans to the mix.

Rest assured though, even when it's not marked organic, there were no chemicals used in the growth or processing of the beans.

How do organizations receive the donation?

We work with a 3rd party processor to handle the collection and payment of the donations. To create transparency in the process, we show each order exactly what their donation amount is and we will publish top performing organizations.

Do you have any low-acid coffee?

Low-acid:  We recognize that many people are looking for a lower acid coffee to help make
their morning cup a more enjoyable experience. Today, we offer 2 organic blends - Bali Blue and Mexico - that are lower acid.

Many people get great results mixing those with our Half Caf to create a pleasing blend.

 The very nature of our beans - the quality, the clean processing approach, and the mild roasting process - also creates a smoother experience. We'd love your feedback!