Our Mission, Vision, & Values

We founded The Great Coffee Project because lasting change can start with a cup of coffee

The Great Coffee Project: Brewing Change One Cup at a Time

Our Mission: At The Great Coffee Project, we believe in the power of coffee to make a lasting global impact.

Our commitment is to deliver exceptional coffee through sustainable and ethical practices, changing the world one cup at a time.

Our Vision:

We aspire to be the leading philanthropic coffee company, setting the highest standards for social and environmental impact. When you choose our coffee, you're choosing a better future for all.

Our Values:  Our actions are guided by a three-tiered approach:

Locally: We donate 20% of every sale to your chosen non-profit.

Regionally: We support coffee growers through ethical sourcing and direct investments.

Globally:  We're committed to the environment, planting a tree in Madagascar with every purchase.Join Our Mission: Every cup of coffee you enjoy from us is a step towards a better world.

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Embrace the change, sip by sip.

Support local communities through fundraising

Community Support

Learn how we support national and local organizations through our GiveBack15 Campaign.  For every purchase that is made,  we donate 15% of the total price to the non-profit of the customer's choice.  We believe that giving the consumer the power to direct the donations is an important step in driving community giving.   Learn More.

Support sustainability and eco-conscious practices

Sustainability Efforts

We believe that what's good for the Earth is good for us so we work hard to encourage farmers to use sustainable and natural growing methods through direct trade relationships, and loans directly to farmers in developing nations.  In 2022 we also committed to planting a tree with every purchase.  Learn More.

Support responsible micro farmers

Supporting Farmers

We believe farmers deserve a fair wage. For too long, coffee farmers have been exploited through a market system that undervalued their product. This often led to extreme poverty, child labor, and unsafe working conditions for farmers around the world. We believe that by paying a fair price for coffee, we can help farmers break out of the cycle of poverty and improve the quality of life for their families.  Learn More.