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As parents we were tired of the constant fundraising efforts required to support our kids' activities. While they were taken on with great intentions, many of them didn't make sense or fit our lifestyle. Over the last 25 years we've seen them all: products we didn't want to buy or use, restaurant nights that didn't fit our busy schedules, craft/bake sales that felt like we were just exchanging money between each other, and all-day/weekend events that took a village to pull off and cost almost as much as they raised.   

We knew there had to be a better way so we launched the ability to raise funds with The Great Coffee Project. Read below to find out just how easy it is!

Benefits of our Fundraising Platform

  • Promote something people want to buy and regularly use - coffee is universally loved and consumed every day!
  • Model responsible consumerism for your children - our products are environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, and ethically sourced
  • Establish an ongoing, year-round fundraising stream - promoting our coffee' subscriptions' allows you to benefit from repeat donations
  • No door-knocking - all fundraising is done online via an easy link share which can be incorporated into materials, messages, media or posts
  • No handling or delivering products - coffee is roasted fresh upon order, and shipped straight to the purchaser
  •  No up-front investment, contracts, or commitment of any kind
  • No handling money - donations are tracked and disbursed to you fee-free and automatically through PayPal Giving Fund or Stripe 
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How to Get Started

Create a custom link to drive your fundraising

Step 1

We Create Your Custom Link

Every nonprofit has an EIN. It's like the organization's social security number but it is publicly available. If you don't know your organization's EIN you can ask your treasurer or search the database with the button below. Once you have your EIN, email it to us info@thegreatcoffeeproject.com and we will create a custom one for you to send out!
Example: https://thegreatcoffeeproject.com/woundedwarrior is for the Wounded Warrior Project

If you don't have an EIN check out FAQ #2 at the bottom of this page.  

Find Your EIN
Share your link on social media

Step 2

Share Your Link

Share your link through social media, newsletters, emails, a posted QR code, or any other available means with everyone.

Each time your link is used to buy coffee, you raise 15% of every sale for your organization

Don't forget, encouraging your supporters to purchase a coffee subscription means you only have to ask once, but you raise money each time their subscription fulfills!

We are building a private Facebook community with resources like templates, tips, and success stories.  Use the button to join below where we can answer all of your questions.  

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Receive fundraising donations

Step 3

Collect Your Funds

If your organization does not already have one, register with PayPal Giving Fund or Stripe. We distribute the funds you raise through these platforms to ensure that you are never charged a fee to process, manage, or receive your funds. If you have any questions about getting started with these platforms, there is more information in the FAQ, at the bottom of this page.

Receive your money automatically, electronically when your donations hit distribution thresholds (amount or time frame).  See more info in the FAQ below.  

Register Your Organization

Download a .pdf version of these steps to share with your organization's leadership.  

Easy Fundraising Project Steps
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Benefits of Our Fundraising Platforms

  • No Contracts or Committments
  • We plant a tree with every purchase
  • Support sustainable farming
  • Coffee is almost universally loved
  • Build a fair ecosystem for farmers
  • Different platforms: different goals
  • Our coffee is fresh roasted to order
  • 15% of every sale online is donated
  • Support farms in developing nations

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