Describes the top 5 tips for getting parents involved in school fundraising, and some ideas for how to get started.

5 Proven Strategies to Engage Parents in School Fundraising

If your school is looking for ways to increase fundraising revenue, it's important to engage parents in the process. After all, they are the ones who can help raise money through their personal networks and support! In this blog post, we will discuss five proven strategies for engaging parents in school fundraising. Plus, we will provide some helpful tips on how to get started.

Let's get started! The first strategy is to create a personal connection. Parents are more likely to get involved in fundraising if they feel a personal connection to the school or organization. You can create this connection by sharing your own story about why you're passionate about the school and its mission. This will help parents see the importance of supporting the school financially.

 The second strategy is to make it easy for parents to get involved. No one wants to be bogged down by paperwork or complicated processes. So, make sure that your school fundraising process is simple and streamlined. This will make it more likely that parents will want to participate.

 The third strategy is to offer a variety of ways for parents to get involved. Some parents may prefer to write a check, while others may be more interested in volunteering their time. By offering a variety of options, you will increase the chances that parents will find a way to get involved that works for them.

 The fourth strategy is to provide incentives for parents who get involved in fundraising. This could include a chance to win a prize or receive a discount on tuition, or a guarantee of where the raised funds will be allocated (e.g. a specific school activity or sports program). Parents are more likely to get involved if they know that there's something directly in it for them (or their kids)!

 The fifth and final strategy is to keep parents updated on the progress of fundraising efforts. This can be done through regular updates, emails, or even social media posts. By keeping parents in the loop, you will show them that their involvement is making a difference. Luckily, The Great Coffee Project is here to help! The Great Coffee Project fundraising platform is an amazing and easy way to organize a fundraiser for your school, and it's simple to get parents involved!

 With this easy-to-use fundraising tool, you can set up a fundraising campaign in just minutes and start raising money for your favorite charity just by encouraging parents to share a link with their coffee-loving friends and family! These are just a few of the many strategies you can use to engage parents in school fundraising. By using these tips, you will be on your way to increasing revenue and supporting your school!

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