Describes what Fair Trade Month is, how it is celebrated, and how coffee consumers can support Fair Trade.

Celebrate Fair Trade Month: Learn About the Benefits of Going ‘Fair’

Did you know that October is Fair Trade Month? This is a time when we celebrate the benefits of going "fair." Responsible coffee companies have been working hard to make sure that their products are ethically and sustainably sourced. Consumers can support these efforts by looking for the Fair Trade Certified label when they are shopping for coffee.

 When you buy Fair Trade Certified coffee, you are supporting farmers and workers who are paid fair wages and working in safe conditions. You are also helping to preserve the environment. Responsible coffee companies source their beans from farms that use sustainable practices. This means that the coffee you drink is not only good for the people who produced it, but also good for the planet.

 To learn more about Fair Trade reference the Fair Trade USA website. There you can learn about the different certification standards, and read stories from farmers and workers who have benefited from the program.

 So this Fair Trade Month, make a commitment to drink more responsible coffee. Look for the Fair Trade Certified label and know that you are supporting a movement that is making a difference in the lives of farmers and workers around the world.

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