Describes what International Coastal Clean-up Day is, why it matters to the earth, what events take place to recognize it, and how people can get involved.

International Coastal Clean-up Day: Why It Matters & How to Get Involved 

Each year, coastal cleanups take place around the world on International Coastal Clean-up Day. This event is organized by the Ocean Conservancy, and it aims to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our oceans and waterways clean. Marine debris is a huge problem, and it's not just unsightly—it's also dangerous to marine life and can contaminate our food supply. Each year the event takes place on the third Saturday of September. If you're interested in getting involved, read on for more information!

 Coastal clean-up is important because without it, marine debris will continue to build up and cause problems for the environment. Marine debris can come from a variety of sources, including land-based activities like littering and agriculture. It can also come from ocean-based activities, such as fishing and shipping. This debris can have a devastating impact on marine life, birds, and other animals that mistake it for food. It can also cause coastal erosion and flooding. In addition, marine debris is a potential health hazard to humans who eat contaminated seafood.

 Each year, on International Coastal Clean-up Day, volunteers around the world come together to clean up their local beaches and waterways - and specifically to get rid of ocean and shoreline plastic! There are many ways to get involved or show your support for coastal cleanup. You can join an organized event, or you can simply pick up trash when you're out and about near coastal areas. If you live far from the coast, there are still plenty of ways to help out! You can volunteer at a local river or lake cleanup, or even organize your own cleanup event. But the easiest and most direct way you can help with coastal clean-up every single day is by helping to avoid the need for it to begin with! And how do you do this? By stopping the consumption of coffee that uses single-use, plastic-lined coffee cups and coffee lids. Instead, choose to brew your coffee at home and use a reusable coffee tumbler! Or better yet, purchase your brew-at-home coffee from The Great Coffee Project Shop, and choose to donate our automatic 20% charitable donation give-back to The Ocean Conservancy by clicking here.

 No matter how you choose to get involved, every little bit helps. Coastal cleanups are a great way to show your environmental responsibility and do your part to protect our planet. So mark the date in your calendar and join the effort to keep our oceans and waterways clean!  

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